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Rental Information and Prices


Welcome to the South Venice Vacation Home information and rental page. We are pleased to provide the best services for your relaxing holidays. Our goal is to provide the best services to customer satisfaction. Since we started our business, our customers speak highly of quality standards we have set for our services. We earn their trust through our constant efforts at making a good thing better and addressing any concerns immediately for customer satisfaction.


 Seasonal prices and packages  


 November 01 to March 31    One week:  $ 850.00   Two weeks:  $ 1,650.00   One month:  $ 3,200.00                                                                                                        

April 01 to May 31                 One week:  $ 830.00   Two weeks:  $ 1,600.00    One month:  $ 2,950.00

June 01 to October 30          One week   $ 800.00   Two weeks   $ 1,550.00    One month   $ 2,850.00

September                              10% OFF from original price.

                                                 Florida sales and visitor tax: 12%


Payment options:  Personal cheque, Certify cheque, Cashier cheque, Money order and Cash.

Disclaimer: We do not not renting daily. $ 200.00 refundable security deposit and $100.00 one payment require for the    cleaning services.  All prices and packages in US currency. 

If you require additional information or have questions, please use Contact Us page